Jun 20, 2008

Tree House and Deck

With about 6 trips to the Freeport center and lots of work taking pallets apart we ended up with enough free wood to build both a tree house and a Deck out front. With what started out to be just a little platform to sit on and enjoy the evening became a full blown deck. There it is again...IT'S NOT DONE UNTIL IT'S OVERDONE!!!

Jun 11, 2008

Broken Pipes and Soggy Carpet

Sunday night the girls went downstairs and came back up and told me it was sopping wet in the little room. So I went down and sure enough, water everywhere. We had a pipe with a slow leak that I guess had been going on for quite a while. We cleaned everything out of the little room (thank you Frank and Liz) and turned off the water. I called the insurance company and they called a restoration company that came and cleaned it all up and ripped out the carpet in the whole basement and cut off the drywall about 1 foot up and now I have huge fans going down there. So I guess I'm getting new carpet and walls and paint down there. Fortunately the insurance covers it all. Neil, bless his heart, and Caleb, bless his too, worked for hours fixing all the pipes down there so we have all new pipes and valves as well.

Planting is Finished!!!

I believe I am finally done but you never know. Now we just wait for it to all grow. The red trees are gone and in their place, tomatoes. I really am getting concerned about the price of food and also the illnesses that are being caused by vegetables bought in stores lately. I've always loved to can my own food and when the kids were young I used to can about 4 0r 5 hundred quarts a year of fruits and vegetables. Besides all the vegetables I've planted, we also have 2 apple trees, a cherry, plumb, pear and peach tree. Also the neighbors next door have an apricot tree that they don't use so we always help ourselves to it.

Jun 8, 2008

Aprons and creations

A sleep over at Grams always brings out our creative sides. The girls wanted to paint so of course they needed aprons. We made these reversible ones with some fabric I got at Ikea a while back and they picked the other from my stash. While I was sewing they decided to do a little creating themselves.

Jun 5, 2008

My new front Yard

I have been toying with the idea now for a few years of turning my front yard onto a wildflower garden. I've seen a few around that I just love and I've always enjoyed just parking my car in front of their yards and taking it all in.
Well, I did it!. It will take a few years for everything to grow in and be the way I want it but it's a start. Also may I mention that I will be saving quite a bit on water.
I added a little fish pond because I found it at a yard sale for $3.00 and I had the pump and fountain left over from a previous pond. I recycled some old tires to build it up and make the planter around it.
Thanks to my Grand-Nephews Logan and Jacob and of course my Caleb for helping me move the rocks. I didn't realize we had so many rocks in our yard. I got a load of mulch from our local dump and after killing the grass, spread it all around. I have some flowers and veggies and strawberries planted so far. The big tire in the corner is for potatoes and there are giant sunflowers planted behind it.
I love my little grass walkway lined with rocks. For some reason it reminds me of walkways that I have seen in some national parks. I love to sit on the "Grammy" swing and just relax and enjoy. Of course it's even better if I have a grandkid or two to rock with me.