Nov 1, 2008


He totally creeped me out. We were all waiting at the airport for him to come home from Iraq and we saw this guy come down the escalator and the kids were curious about his clothing and I explained that the men where Grandpa worked wear those kind of clothes. They asked if Grandpa ever wore those kind of clothes and I said no. Well this guy walked right by us and I looked him right in the eye and not one hint of recognition.
Well, we kept waiting and waiting and Liz turned around and started laughing and I turned around the the creepy guy was standing behind us and then it finally dawned on me that it was Roy. He'd stopped at the bathrooms and put this outfit on for a Halloween costume.
It was hilarious once we all figured it out and I could not stop laughing.

With some of us at the airport.

Meeting baby Beatrice.

We are so happy that he is home!