Sep 13, 2008


I got this old hutch early this year when we came home from California with all my Mother-In-Laws china. I really like the heaviness of it and love all the room it has. But you know me, I can never leave well enough alone. So I painted it black and now I really, really love it.

I also painted this old sideboard and my mirror frame black. I also painted my mantel black but don't have any good pictures of it yet. Be careful if you come to visit me or You just might end up painted black. It's amazing what you can do with a free gallon of paint. Thanks GABE!!!


My poor little Charlie Brown peach tree has done it again!. Every year I think it is it's last but it still presses forward and gives me sweet juicy fruit.

I got 14 pints from it plus we ate and ate fresh ones for days.

I love to can and don't know exactly why. I guess it's seeing all that beautiful fruit and all those healthy vegetables sitting in the pantry that gives me a real sense of accomplishment.

My Mom used to love ironing and I hate it but I guess it was the same thing.

Yesterday we had a canning party. Bekah brought her peaches over and Liz came up and Emma dropped her boys off for a while and joined us later. It was really fun seeing the 4 boys finally at that age where they are starting to play together. They are all going to turn 3 in the next few months.

We got 21 quarts done. I'd say a very fun and successful day!