Oct 11, 2008


I suppose that at sometime this was beautiful to someone. But alas, they had the sense to throw it out so I could rescue it. You know, some woman's trash is my treasure.

So off came the top and what do you know, it landed on Brooklyn's head.

Then out came the trusty black paint and in went a skeleton.

Now he sits in the bathroom ready to scare the ****** out of you.


What else do you do when it is FALL but put up the Halloween decorations. Every year I tell myself tha
t I'm just going to put up a few things this year but of course once I get started, I can't stop.

Someone's flying by

I woke Missy up taking this picture.

See her down there looking disgusted.
(How dare I)

I painted these pumpkins

Lit up at night

Added some purple lights and
leaves to my new picture board

Got busy outside.

The teenagers love this and laugh as I drive by.

This is me!

Ring around the Rosie

Hang in there honey!

KIMBA over at "A Soft Place to Land" is hosting a Fall Decorating party.
If you want some fun ideas or just want to see what others are doing go take a peak.