Mar 31, 2009


I was taking pictures the other day of the Granddaughters for a project I want to do and little Miley J was my best model.

Don't you love those cheeks!

Pretty blue eyes.
( If you are as old as I am you will remember that song!)

The pose.

How about a closeup Grams!


Just too tired to eat.

Believe me it will never happen. I can eat anywhere, anytime and probably do eat in my sleep.

Little Franklin went with me to Church on Sunday. Then he came home and played with uncle Josh so that by dinnertime, he just couldn't take it any longer.

Too cute!

Mar 25, 2009


Need I say more......

When you have 3 yr old twin boys, sometimes you have to get a little inventive.
My Emma sent me this from her phone and I still laugh hard whenever I look at it.


Honestly, couldn't you just eat her?

Both of them are soooo yummy!

Who doesn't need a little ham now and then?

Oooooooo I could just eat them.

Handsome, dude!

Love those brown eyes!

Even Daddy agrees.

I have been begging my oldest daughter to get some professional family pictures done forever. She found an absolutely wonderful photographer here

Aren't they beautiful? Thank you Liz.

Mar 21, 2009


Don't you hate it when the snow all melts and you find all sorts of ugly stuff under it?

This shed really needs a makeover.

I have 3 sons that are painters but you know how it is...
"The Cobbler's kids go barefoot!"

I guess when you look at something everyday you don't notice how bad it is getting until you want to post something cute on your blog.

And WHAMOO, it hits you in the face.

Yup, I really need to paint this shed!

Mar 18, 2009


My Bekah called on Monday night and reminded me that I hadn't done a spring door hanger yet and she needed one the next day for a party she was having. So....

This is what I came up with.

A big spring flower with eggs as petals
that spell "Happy Easter"

I used fun spring paper and added
a cute little chick in the middle.

And it is all blinged out for spring.

Mar 17, 2009


Happy St Patty's Day! There is not a lick of Irish in us but we love the food and I love the color.

And of course I love to decorate for a holiday.

I made a fun plate with my Silhouette cutter.

Filled a little pail with some "greenery".

Hung up some green.

Still can't take a decent picture of this ceiling. Believe me it looks much better in real life.

Hung up more green....

and ate lots of green.

Mar 9, 2009


It's winter here again so I thought we needed a little "SPRING."

Just some cute little letters to brighten your surroundings.

They measure about 8" high and are just $25.00 a set.

If you have a spot that needs brightening up,
Just leave me a comment and
I would be happy to make you a set.

Mar 8, 2009


Well I've been at it again.

Franklin is my youngest Grandson

And he needed something to put on the wall in his bedroom.

So not being one to let a challenge go by, this is what I came up with.

We still need to hang it up but I think he likes it.

Mar 4, 2009


It got to almost 70 degrees here yesterday so I decided to get out my scooter. I love riding it around the neighborhood for a quick ride to clear my brain or to the grocery store for a few things.

Of course the Grand kids think that the only reason I have it is to give them rides. Uncle Josh got the honor yesterday.

Look at this happy face.

I ready for my turn Gwams!

I'm waiting up here.

I'm not looking at you no matter what.

Looking for trouble !?!?!?

Mar 3, 2009


I've been seeing lots of cute banners on various blogs and I couldn't be left out so I made one. I just can't decide where to hang it.

I tried it on the china cabinet. It goes very well with the china but it is kind of too much if I do say so myself.

I tried it outside on the fence but it's too windy.

But the colors are better for a photo outside.

Today is probably our first spring-like day here in Utah but don't worry it's supposed to snow next week.

I tried it on the mantel but too much going on there as well. (I cropped the picture so you wouldn't see my messy mantle.)

Then I put it on the mirror and I think I like it there best.

You just have to remember when taking pictures of a mirror that you should probably make the background a little tidier.