Jul 10, 2008

New Carpet and Foot Surgery

WAHOOO!! The carpet finally was installed Tuesday. It's so soft and nice. I was really worried for a bit when they rolled it out on the driveway to cut it because it looked really light and green but once it was inside and laid down, it looks exactly how I want. Now I just have to get rid of the lovely 15 year old wallpaper and do some painting and put things back together. (I think I'll get the grandkids together and we'll have a wallpaper ripping party.)
That may take a while though because yesterday I had foot surgery. It's called a Plantar Fascia release. They went in and snipped the tendon that had torn from my heal. I hope it works because it has been bothering me for months. I'm supposed to keep mostly off of it for two to four weeks. AURGHH!!! How am I supposed to do that and what am I supposed to do?
My Primary class brought me dinner last night and it was so cute. Our lesson last week was on gratitude and one of the little boys told me he was grateful for me. It made me feel so good. Now I get to show them my gratitude for making my dinner. What a fun object lesson.

Tree House Fun

The deck is done! Thank you Caleb. The kids love it!!! Bryan christened it by being the very first Grandkid up there. Then a sleep over with Aubrey and Brooklyn who spent most of the day up there and thought it was so fun to throw "Cheezit's" at Uncle Mike and then at Troy.
Liz took Franklin up there one day and then the next time he was visiting he wanted up again but Liz said, "Not this time." Well next thing we know, he's half way up the tree and just about to climb in. (He just turned 2 in April). When Liz went to get him down he said, "I'm a monkey."

Enjoying the Deck

It's finally finished, well almost. Just a little more staining here and there but I'm waiting for Hailey to help with that. She came over one day and bless her little heart worked for hours on her back and tummy staining under the bench and the lower slats. Brooklyn came to help for a little bit as well. I've made some hammock swings that we all enjoy for various reasons and if we're not careful we could spend all day in them reading or sleeping. I had to make some gates to keep kids and little dogs in. The big dog just jumps over.

4th of July

What a nice day! It was quite cool for here (90's) and there was a nice breeze all day. I went to the famous Clearfield parade with Emma and Neil and kids, then Neil went to work and the rest of us went to lunch and then to the carnival. Emma took the boys home for a nap and Brooklyn and I spent the rest of the day together. Then it was off to the fireworks.