Dec 11, 2008


But that's okay for a couple of reasons. Someone with children needed it more than I did and it gives me a chance to use my favorite tree.

It also gives me more room to put up more stuff.
(And you all know how much I love stuff!)


I've been collecting Nativities and manger scenes for years. Some have come and gone but I still have plenty. (Way toooo many!) I thought I would share a few.

Bekah has her eye on this one so it might not be around too much longer.

My Mother-in-Law loved
Avon and this is a set she gave me.

I found this in a clearance bin once for $2.00. The head of the shepherd is missing and so is a leg of one of the camels but the kids love to play with it

This is a sweet little lamp that I got at a garage sale once for $1.00

My Mother-in-Laws Humel set. It went through an earthquake and it has a few little cracks.

I found these in Washington DC . They are stocking hangers.

This is a musical one and the figures move. I love it but it drives me nuts!

Look close and you will see that one of my grand-dogs enjoyed this one.

This one is the one I let the kids play with and organize anyway they want. It has lots of different parts and leftovers from broken sets.

One year for some reason I wanted a set with darker skin. I looked everywhere and finally found this at the dollar store.

I made these ornaments by the dozens one year and gave them to friends and neighbors.

I got this one from my Mom years ago.

An after Christmas sale for $3.00

Another garage sale find. It's amazing what people sell in the summer months when they are not thinking about Christmas.

My favorite thrift store find for a dollar.

Another after Christmas sale for $5.00 at Desert Book. It's my favorite.