Mar 20, 2008

My Etter Kids

Franklin: He's almost 2 and as cute as can be. He loves cars and dogs and his Mom.
Peanut: I'm sure this one will be just as cute and sweet as all the others.

My Grant Kids

Brooklyn: A true whirlwind. Her Papa Roy calls her "Scooter". She is a sweet helper and loves to give me hugs and kisses. She is 5.
Cooper: He's 2 and tender. I love his sweet loves.
Fischer: He's 2 and trouble but has the biggest smile ever so can get away with it.

My Zettel Kids

Bryan: He's 7 and a whiz at school. He always has time to give his Grams a love and a hug.
Alyssa: She's 5 and getting ready for Kindergarten next year. She loves her Dad and Grandpa Roy

My Miller Kids

Hailey: She just turned 8 and is looking forward to being baptized. She's a great helper and organizer and lots of silly fun.
Aubrey: She's my sweet quiet animal lover. She has a tender heart and loves to help with her baby sister. She is 6.
Tyson: He's 2 and what a boy! He's my talker and he loves to build things and knock them over. He loves his baby sister!
Miley J: What can I say other than she is the most precious baby ever. Big blue eyes and dark hair just like her momma.


She's my big girl and Gram's pal.

She loves to spend the night and eat mashed potatoes and vanilla ice cream.