Jul 31, 2010


You know, the kind that you don’t see for 20 years but you just pick up where you left off and have the best time ever.

Back in High School I had a best friend. Her name was Elaine. She was tall and I was short. We were known as Mutt and Jeff. (You probably have to be at least as old as I am to know who the are.)

We did the things best friend do. Our hair was the same, we dressed the same and we took the same classes.

Here we are in I think 8th grade…




scan0002-1 - Copy

I think these are 12th grade…


1972 - Copy

She moved away the summer before 12th grade so needless to say we were both pretty lost for that last year of high school but we survived. She went on to become a school teacher and had 4 children.  I went on to become and Mom of 7.

I ended up in Utah and she stayed in Canada. They visited us once 17 years ago and that was a fun visit with all our kids together. 

This time just Elaine and her husband Richard came to visit. We had the best time ever just reminiscing and talking about our families.

Look at us now…


Still Mutt and Jeff.

I loved her so much that I named my second daughter Rebekah Elaine

Elaine had a daughter, Janina who was the same age as my Rebekah but unfortunately she died at the age of 4 from leukemia.

My Rebekah named her daughter, Hailey Elaine and we were finally able to get the three Elaines together…


My two had been camping in the dirt all weekend but they still look beautiful.

It was a wonderful visit. Next time I hope it isn’t 17 years.

You can follow their whole trip on Elaine's blog.