Nov 19, 2009


I have so much  junk  stuff.   I have a very hard time getting rid of any of it and I am constantly adding to it. 

I have found a solution…. STACK IT!

See this  piece….


I picked it up a couple of years ago for like $10 at a yard sale. It used to be pretty ugly and bead up. I painted it black and added new knobs and used it in my dining room for my stuff.

See this….


It was my parent’s and it is probably 60 or 70 years old. It has seen alot of use and wear but I of course could never part with it.  I painted it black as well a few years ago.

So I got to looking at them yesterday, trying to figure out which one to use on my new orange wall and I said to myself,  “Self, wait a minute, why not use both!”

So this is what I did….


Good idea but I don’t like the look of that bottom space. Soooo, I got to thinking and thought maybe I could cut the bottom off but…. I didn’t want to ruin my parent’s piece.  I turned it over and yup! It was screwed on. They knew how to make furniture back then.

So I unscrewed it…


Now it looks better


With some touch up work and tweaking it will look great.

(It really looks better than than it does in the picture.)