Oct 5, 2008


Have you ever seen a caramel apple with no calories? Well I did the other day and being the great copier that I am, I decided that I definitely needed to make some. My nephew Logan helped me and boy did they turn out looking yummy.

Does anyone want the recipe? Well here it is...


8 good sized faux apples that you find up in the attic in the Christmas boxes and of course they are in the last container you look in.

8 colored pencils or you can use dowels but I always use what I have sitting around.

8 different ribbon colors and patterns or I guess you could use all the same. Sometimes these can be found tied on or wrapped around other projects.

A good old heavy duty glue gun and lots of glue sticks. I tried my glue pot but it didn't work.

A bottle of craft paint that you have in the basement that looks like the color of caramel.


Wrap the pencils with the ribbon gluing as you go so it doesn't slip around.

Poke them into the apples in the top.

Drizzle hot glue around the top very generously so it will run down the sides in globs.

Let it cool

Make sure your glue gun is really warmed up and wait about 10 minutes before doing the next one.

Paint the glue with 3 coats of paint. Spray with clear varnish and glue a bow on.

There you have it. Calorie free caramel apples. Yummy!