Apr 22, 2008


My latest thing has been Pillowcase Dresses with a bit of a variation. I made one for Miley J with some bloomers to match and then one for Aubrey. It's the models that make them look so cute.


Anonymous said...

Oh! The models and the Pillowcase Dresses are beautiful. Good job models and sewer. I just saw your post on MaryJanesFarmGirl site.

smoothiejuice said...

love the dresses! good job grams!

Susan Petersen said...

Susan here from freshlypicked. You are sooo talented & creative. I love those dresses. The bloomers absolutely MAKE the dresses. Would you mind if I linked your blog to mine?

queenofdreamsz said...

Now that's a cute pillowcase dress! I love the ruffles and pretty ribbons.

sunshine said...

welcome to MJF I am one of the farm girls there just have been so busy lately you probably don't know me. Cute grandkids.

take care

there are a few of us LDS on the forum