May 13, 2008

Mother's Day for my Daughters

When I told their Dad that the boy's didn't like their capes he sugggested that perhaps it was their Mom's that needed "SUPERMOM" capes. Since I was already planning on making them aprons, I decided to combine the two. I made the bib part reversible and gave them a dish towel with big safety pins to pin on for the cape. I included this story: to go along with it. I thought it was kind of funny. So, if you see the girls with their aprons on, you better give them their due respect.
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Beemoosie said...

They are AWESOME!!! I love the colors. And your ca..uteeeee!!!!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Janis!

Your blog is so sweet and I LOVE your banner!!!!!! I have 11 grandchildren to! I was reading about you spending time with your friends The Waites, I thought hummmmm, that is a LDS name! We have good friends the Waites also. Our connection is with Orley Waite & Richard Waite of CA. We know their children. Anyhoo, we are LDS also! I love the capes for the boys and darling dresses for the girls!!! Also, welcome to MaryJanes Farm! I am Farmgirl Sister 44 and have been a memeber for 1 year. There are several LDS sisters aboard. Have a wonderful week and looking forward to getting to know you! Hugs, Maryjane Lee