Jul 25, 2008

A Wonderful Scofield Surprise!

I had a wonderful surprise last week. Melanie called me to say they were in Malad and headed my way and could they stop and visit. Well ya!!! She was taking Ashley to the airport to go home for girl's camp and then picking Brian up the next day so he could join the family for the rest of their vacation. So she and Cory, Emily and Gavin spent the night and the kids had a ball playing in the tree house and swinging on the big swing. Cory figured out that if he stood on my windmill base he could get a really good swing out of the deal. Melanie and I just hung out on my hammock swings. She loved them so much that she went and bought the material to make one and I gave Emily a little sewing lesson as we put it together.
The next day she left to pick up Brian and they returned to Malad. Then on Friday they all returned to spend another night. We really had a good time. That night we went to our Ward's ice cream social and Cory and Logan (Darren's) were called on to make and eat a banana split in a contest. After they left on Saturday they headed to a cabin up by their property up at Strawberry and the last I heard, the hammock swing was a big hit.

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