Sep 28, 2008


I absolutely love this idea. You take a salad plate, glue an upside down tea cup on the bottom. Add the glass bell from an old cheese plate, do a little baking and behold...... CAKE!

I used this recipe that I found on my friend Maryjane's blog. I used chocolate chips instead of the raisins

Then I found this cake plate at Savers for a dollar. I glued a candle holder to the bottom, threaded some ribbon through the holes and there you have it....


Emma said...

Not only does it look pretty but it only takes about 7.5 minutes to eat! Thanks mom, It was delicious!

The Van Komen's said...

Way cute idea, now wheres my cake?

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh, so thrilled you liked the recipe! I don't think the pumpkin bread/cake looked so pretty! LOVE how you displayed it to! Great idea! I would love the glaze recipe...pretty please! Also, could I use a couple of these pics so I can tell others what you did with the recipe and it will lead back to you?! Keep me posted on the baby doll!