Oct 11, 2008


What else do you do when it is FALL but put up the Halloween decorations. Every year I tell myself tha
t I'm just going to put up a few things this year but of course once I get started, I can't stop.

Someone's flying by

I woke Missy up taking this picture.

See her down there looking disgusted.
(How dare I)

I painted these pumpkins

Lit up at night

Added some purple lights and
leaves to my new picture board

Got busy outside.

The teenagers love this and laugh as I drive by.

This is me!

Ring around the Rosie

Hang in there honey!

KIMBA over at "A Soft Place to Land" is hosting a Fall Decorating party.
If you want some fun ideas or just want to see what others are doing go take a peak.


Tausha said...

Found your blog from Kimba-your stuff is darling! What a great idea to have a frame for all the halloween pics! DARLING! I also love your house-inside and out! The spider pumpkin is extra cute-I might have to copy! What did you use for the legs?
You are one taleneted Grams-your family is lucky to have you!
I told my hubby we should drive by your house, so festive-my kids would love it! We are practically neighbors!
I will be back to see what other fun things that you post! Please, stop by and say HELLO-Love making new friends!

Jeppson Clan said...

Visiting from Tip Junkie. I love your decor, especially your polka dot pumpkins! My heart starting racing fast and I am excited to try out your idea. Did you stencil on your dots, witch and bats or free hand it?

Astrid said...

AWESOME Halloween decorations! I love the pumpkins you painted! I also really love your outdoor Halloween decorations. They're so much fun!

Jen said...

Love your decorations especially the painted pumpkins and the orange lights - cool! What a fun house!

Arlene said...

Superb..! Your Halloween decoration is fantastic. Love the painted pumpkins.