Oct 12, 2008


Look what I woke up to. I love it! This is why we live in Utah.

Nothing like snow on the
Halloween decorations!

Maybe I should make a snowman to sit beside my witch.

This is when this slide is really fun!

How about a ride in my little
"Covered Wagon."

Anyone up for a snowball fight?


elaine said...

Oh my goodness! I heard it had snowed in Alberta but I hadn't visualized anywhere near this much. Wow! I think I'm going to enjoy winter this year. It will be chilly & damp - more like Vancouver - but little or no snow.

Debbie said...

Oh my, this is unbelievable you should have sent it to KSL I was feeling very sorry for myself that we had a 1/2" already. Well set your broom aside and get out the snow shovel.LOL Do you have a pic of your felt cat and other items. Did you make them? Very Cute! Deb