Nov 12, 2008


This year I thought it would be fun to do a "Thanksgiving Tree" I had such a cool tree that I made for Halloween and I didn't want to just throw it away. Soooo, I got to thinking. (That's very dangerous you know!)

And this is what we are going to do.

Everytime someone comes over to visit me, I've asked them to write their name and what they are thankful for on a leaf.

And Hang it on the tree.

Then just before we eat Thanksgiving dinner, I will read them all.

Here is my template if any of you want to make your own tree. I just printed the leaves on colored paper and cut loosely around them and punched a small hole in the stem. Then I use ornament hooks to hang them.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Carrie's Minnesota-nICE said...

I love your tree! What a great idea to remind us what we are thankful for this holiday season.

Mom2fur said...

Your grandkids are adorable! The tree is so cute. Thanks for the leaf pattern--it's a little late for this year, but I plan to put it away with my fall decor to use for next year!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Love this idea. I posted a few variations of our tree, but I love your real branches the best !

Kimba said...

I love this idea! And thanks for giving us the leaf template to use.

I linked to this post from my blog today.