Dec 11, 2008


I've been collecting Nativities and manger scenes for years. Some have come and gone but I still have plenty. (Way toooo many!) I thought I would share a few.

Bekah has her eye on this one so it might not be around too much longer.

My Mother-in-Law loved
Avon and this is a set she gave me.

I found this in a clearance bin once for $2.00. The head of the shepherd is missing and so is a leg of one of the camels but the kids love to play with it

This is a sweet little lamp that I got at a garage sale once for $1.00

My Mother-in-Laws Humel set. It went through an earthquake and it has a few little cracks.

I found these in Washington DC . They are stocking hangers.

This is a musical one and the figures move. I love it but it drives me nuts!

Look close and you will see that one of my grand-dogs enjoyed this one.

This one is the one I let the kids play with and organize anyway they want. It has lots of different parts and leftovers from broken sets.

One year for some reason I wanted a set with darker skin. I looked everywhere and finally found this at the dollar store.

I made these ornaments by the dozens one year and gave them to friends and neighbors.

I got this one from my Mom years ago.

An after Christmas sale for $3.00

Another garage sale find. It's amazing what people sell in the summer months when they are not thinking about Christmas.

My favorite thrift store find for a dollar.

Another after Christmas sale for $5.00 at Desert Book. It's my favorite.


Sarah said...

I have a thing for nativities too, I love them! I only have three, maybe one day I'll have as many as you!

Mimi Sue said...

You're right the best time to buy Christmas stuff is after Christmas or in July at the DI. Love that saying about stable and children. Love it. Mimi