Jan 10, 2009


Just in case you were wondering.

I had one of those walk by and laugh hilariously moments this morning. I was down in the family room looking for something and look what I happened upon.

Yes, a Styrofoam apple that someone tried to take a bite out of.

This will be my newest trophy that goes on the mantle.

I still have to giggle when I see it.


Emma said...

I'm sure it wasn't my kids, for we don't believe in eating healthy food!!!!

Mimi Sue said...

How funny! Looks like something one of my sweetpeas would do. If you want ric rac to put on the quiet book I had to look all over for the right color and finally found it at Sweet Lavender. Mimi

Mimi Sue said...

And they did have a few more of the porch book. It was at the Layton B & N. Mimi

The Van Komen's said...

That's hilarious!! I wonder what happened to the bite?