Feb 19, 2009


Well today is you lucky day!

I've been playing around and came up with these

Who doesn't need a little "Luck" in their home.

Each letter is about 9" high and 6" wide.

They come with individual stands for each letter but if you bought my
they fit the same stands.

The U is covered in gold glitter.

There's a cute top hat on the C.

A pot of gold stands on the K.

They are $25.00 if you would like to buy one.
Thanks Janis


Sherri S said...

I just love all your crafty items! The teacher's Vday gifts are TOO cute! And how sweet that your hubby sent you flowers, they are beautiful.

Shelia said...

I think you must have great luck! These are really very cute.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Thanks for the visit & the comment!

Your letters are fantastic! Love all the details on them.

tamlovesran said...

Very cute! I like it.

Erin said...

How cute are these! I love the top hat and pot of gold you added. Beautiful!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

You are a whiz with those letters! Do you sell letters individually? There are some words I'd like to do for my kitchen and such. I'll figure up what I want and email you later.

Mimi Sue said...

Very, very cute. Love them. Don't hate me I'm wearing flip flops and it's 70 degrees in Calif. Mimi