Feb 27, 2009


Well actually it's called a "Bush Pig" A motorized vehicle that you ride like a skateboard.

He's still trying to figure out how to ride it but he does it well enough already to scare his mother.

I've been looking all over for his helmet. I mean seriously, this kid has had so many concussions that I'm sure another one would turn him into a vegetable.

It's really meant for off-road
riding or rough terrain.

I'm too old for this!



nikkicrumpet said...

NO FAIR....how come they didn't have cool stuff like that when we were kids!! It looks like a blast! And I FINALLY got my post to work!! Sorry it took so long but blogger has been kicking my butt. I hope I'm not too late!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Janis,
You are such a better blogger than me!! I wish I could be more consistant, but alas, real life is always calling. Maybe someday. But I had so much fun catching up on all your ADORABLE projects. You amaze me. You must never sleep. You also must have the "Midas Touch"...everything you touch turns out beautiful. : )

Mimi Sue said...

Yikes! When my kids were little I thought I wouldn't worry so much when they got big. HA! I should be home by Fri. Mimi

Erin said...

That looks way fun! My brother would love one of these I am sure of that!

Sassy said...

seriously......I understand being too old for this kinda stuff...I have three sons...two of them have had 4 broken arms a piece...one of those two skateboarded off our roof once....I so feel your pain...but that does look like a lot of fun!