Apr 1, 2009


Just a couple of quick projects.

I love my SILHOUETTE cutter. It is beyond me why anyone would buy a CRICUT when you can buy a SILHOUETTE for $150.00 and cut anything you want without having to buy cartridges or anything else.

The vine pattern came with the machine and I found the rabbit online and just copied it into the program and it automatically formatted it to cut it out.

I got the plate at a thrift store for $1.00. There you have it, quickie # 1.

Quickie # 2...

My Bekah came over yesterday to make these little wet wipe containers for a couple of her friends. All you do is cover them with a little batting and fabric and glue it down and trim it out with some ribbon and accessories.

We dug through my stash and found this airplane I had done 3 years ago. It worked out perfectly for the little boy one.

And just look how cute she made them. She just put them on a package of wipes and tied them on with some cute ribbon.

I found this wreath at the same thrift store and put it around this jar I have.

I put a little nest is it with a little birdie...

and there you have it, quickie # 3.


The Van Komen's said...

I love quickies too!! Oh wait, this isn't that kind of website. Oops!
But really your projects are super cute! Just come to my house and decorate it will ya?

Sassy said...

I'm always up for a quickie too! Love the projects...so cute!

Mimi Sue said...

This reminds of that joke what does fast food and loose women have in common. They're both fast, cheap and easy. My bad. Thanks again for the vinyl words. Looks cute on my wall. Mimi

Lacie E. said...

I constantly stalk your blog and I just think you are so talented!!