Apr 29, 2009



As promised,   (in this post)   I have done my picture blocks in color.


Mother’s Day is coming fast and Father’s Day will be here before you know it so get your orders in early.  They are $4 per block plus shipping but I will give discounts for larger words.


Think of a special word and what pictures you want to use and you will have a one of a kind gift.


Mimi Sue said...

They're really cute in color. Had lots of fun today. Hope you're having fun at Women's Conference. Mimi

Anne Fannie said...

I love how these picture blocks came out. What great Mothers Day gifts!
How fun attending Women's Conference! How you have a wonderful time!

Sarah said...

You're always on the go! I love your Mom letters! I haven't forgotten that I have to make you something, the problem is - what could on possibly make for the 'Queen of Crafts'! I've still got another seven months to come up with an idea, right??

Sarah said...

opps, one of my sentences up there does not make much sense - but you get the idea!