Mar 10, 2010


And brought me some RED.


I asked her for something with red or white polka dots and her clever husband said,”Not a problem, I’ll get you some dice!”


Funny boy!

Instead she went to Anthropologie….


Look, even the handles on the bag are red…


This is a timer with a magnet on the back so it sticks to your fridge…


So cool….


And this mug isn’t red but I love it. It has a nice flat bottom so I won’t be able to knock it over very easily. Any of you who know me well know that this happens often.


Then she went to a place called, RED ROOSTER ANTIQUES, and got me this fun little box…


I am going to use it as a little sewing case.

Thank you Emma.


Julie Harward said...

How it all! I would love to go to a place called "Red Rooster antiques...Come say hi :D

~~Carol~~ said...

LOVE that timer, and the polka dot box!

joy said...

Hi Janis, It was good seeing you tonight and getting to know you better. Either you or mimisue paid me too much. It was $10 instead of 20. Please let me know if it was you. Thank you again for the st. patricks kitchen towel, adorable!
Thanks, Joy

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Janis,
Just catching up in Blogland today. Oh the things that were waiting for me over here!!! I LOVED it all...the LV goodies from daughter, the crazy cool things you made for your daughter who was just called to YWs. And then there's the polka-dot/cherry dishes...don't get me started!!! SO CUTE!!
Mary Lou

Creative Breathing said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would rather not blog at all than offend someone I don't even know. Thank you! Elizabeth

Mimi Sue said...

Hey, where's mine Emma? You have a darling daughter and knows you too well. Fun times last night. Mimi

Anne Fannie said...

Cute stuff, I love that red and white pokadot box!