Apr 23, 2010


See this cutie…


He is my second born and he is now almost 35.       (AM I REALLY THAT OLD!?!?) 

Life was hard on Josh. Life was not fair. We have a saying in our family that says: “Life’s not fair, just ask Josh.”


I mean, seriously, what kid who is being held by his favorite “Noni”, with a marshmallow in his had is still not smiling.

This was his baby picture…


He was our “NOT NEVER!!!” kid. “I not never doing that. I not never going to smile, I not never going to go to Disneyland!!!”


Dude! Smile, you’re at the Zoo for heaven’s sake…


Buddy! It’s your pre-school Christmas party… Santa is coming!


Even as he got older, his life was hard..


Actually, he did smile occasionally and boy what a difference. Just look how his face lights up…




Love his dimples….




Well anyway, this determination of his has really taken him places. He is still my “NOT NEVER” kid. Two years ago he was diagnosed with a very serious disease. “I not never going to let it get me down!” (He beat it and is now in remission.)

“I not never going to sit around and do nothing with my life!'”

Peru 2008 946

He has spent three summers doing anthropologic digs in Peru and now is leaving for Yemen in two weeks to study Arabic for nine month.

So why did I title this post “MY KITE DON’T FLY”?    Because that used to be one of his favorite sayings as well. “My bike don’t work, my mitt don’t work, my bat don’t work, (that’s what he was telling me in the first picture).

So I got a little carried away and this post was originally supposed to be about a kite I made to hang on my gate…


In trying to come up with some clever title, it just popped into my mind and then it reminded me of Josh and yaa daa yaa daa yaa daa…


It don’t work as a flying kite…


But it works on my gate.

Thanks Josh for being a great son!!!!


Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Love the pictures! We had a son very much like that, we called him Eeyore! "probably rain on my kite anyway..." LOL
In the end, your Josh looks very happy! He does have cute dimples.
Love the kite!
Enjoy your day.

Julie Harward said...

He is so handsome and what a smart guy...lots of different molds in this world how great that they are not all the same! Love the kite too but I'm glad it lead you to thought about him. Come say hi :D

Debby said...

Very cute pictures and cute story. Sounds like he is having a good time doing his own thing. Glad he is okay.

Anne Fannie said...

What a wonderful post you did about your wonderful son. I enjoyed reading it.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

I LOVE this post! The little boy turned out just right and a blessing to your family! Love your kite!


Mimi Sue said...

With dimples like that he really should smile all the time. Have fun in Yemen, Josh. Is that gate in your front yard? It's new. Mimi

MamaJB said...

Josh has always been such a good looking guy, he really doesn't have to smile! I am glad that his health is doing better and how exciting for him to go to Yemen. Oh, I love the kite too :)

Sassy said...

OH MY STARS!!!! Love the title!!!! Love that son.....wspecially love his foot coming clean through his shoe.....what a handsome fella and what an interesting life he has led......I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR KITE....your gate looks so cute!

joy said...

Dear Janis, What a great post about your so. Love the kite too!