Dec 9, 2008


This year I decided to permanently mount my village. Every year it was the same old problem.. where to put it and how to place the buildings. So I took a piece of plywood and painted it white, screwed the train tracks down, drilled holes for the electrical, put some blocks under it to raised it up so the cords could all run underneath and then put everything in it's place.

It fits perfectly on my dining room table and since it is all on one board, we can just pick it up and put it on the coffee table if we need to use the table.

All the lights are plugged into one power strip so I only have one cord to plug in.

I covered the board and the raised parts with a really thin batting I already had.

I used the Styrofoam molds that the buildings came in to make the tunnels and raised parts.

I love the ocean and light houses so I had to have this little scene.

I grew up in Vancouver and went ice skating on the lakes with my Dad in the winter so this little scene brings back lots of fun memories.

Once again, my poor attempt at pictures of lights. It looks so pretty all lit up at night.


Tammy said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! What a magical place you have created and how clever to make it so user friendly. You are such an inspiration. I love that you have fond childhood memories. All parents want is that one gift.
How odd, my word verificationhere to leave this comment is gramma!

elaine said...

As much as I've finally learned to love the prairie, you just can't get the ocean out of your blood! I love lighthouses too.

Mimi Sue said...

I bet the grandkids love it. And what a great idea with the board. Anything to make life easier. Mimi