May 21, 2009



Look what I stole. Well, rescue is more like it. My neighbor was going to take this to the dump!  It was all in pieces and in their trailer and it sat there for a few days along with all sorts of other junk. I had glanced over there several times and  thought… What the heck is that?  Then it hit me. I know what that is. We used to have one when I was little. (Yes I am that old.)

Can you believe it? Some people have no appreciation for the finer things in life.



Well I grabbed it ant put it all back together…..




I added some gravel and potting mix…..




Then some plants and flowers…..




And now I have a new planter…. 

A REAL WRINGER!!  ( get it????)


Mimi Sue said...

Hahaha wringer. Very funny. I love it. You really lucked out. Had so much fun today. Hope you have a better tomorrow. Mimi

Anne Fannie said...

I love what you did to this old washing machine! I have been looking for one, I just love to find old stuff like this and plant flowers in them! Great find!

mbsco4 said...

Teeerific! You make everything lovely :)