May 19, 2009


Franklin has reached that stage that all little boys do….

A fascination with bugs!

So of course I had to make him a BUG HOUSE.

Where are the bugs Mugga? (That’s what he has called me since he was very little and I love it)!

Over there?

Okay, here I go...

The other day while shopping at our local grocery store I found butterfly nets that were 4 for $5.00. What a steal. I bought a bunch to take camping but no one can wait for that. I wish I had a picture of our little boys and girls chasing butterflies through our field but alas it never happened. Instead we caught a water bottle, some precious rocks, an otter pop, a screwdriver and lots of heads.


elaine said...

Insects are popular pets in Japan. Perhaps because they don't take up a lot of space.

Mimi Sue said...

Mugga? Love it. I'm home. Mimi

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Such a sweet post. "Mugga", how cute is that!!!!!

Lacie E. said...

I loooove your blog....I wanted to let you know I have given you a blog award because I think you are fantastic swing by my blog and pick it up.

Just Keeping it Real said...

They now have a bug vacuum in the toy section of Wal Mart or Target. It sucks up the bug without hurting it and keeps it in the barrel of the vacuum where you can look at it through the magnified walls of the vacuum. I'm thinking a little boy "must have"!! What will they think of next??