Aug 22, 2010



I’m on a quest. I want to redo my bedroom and I’m trying to see if I can do it without SPENDING ANY MONEY!

This room looked good 5 years ago but not anymore. I forgot as usual to take before pictures but I used to love this red wall…


And the gold walls, but not the ugly window and broken blinds…


I bought new windows a while back so it doesn’t count as spending any money now. I took the old one out…


I had birds singing away and one almost flew in the room. I considered leaving it this way for a while but then I remembered about mosquitoes and quickly put in the new one…


Now for the walls. I have a couple of sons that are painters so I am blessed with lots of paint…


DSC05107 DSC05108 DSC05109 DSC05111 DSC05112

So I’ve been experimenting and playing around…


And speaking of playing around…

August 2010 011

August 2010 009

August 2010 007

August 2010 005

August 2010 004

Need I say more.


Debby said...

You go girl. Where do you get all that energy. Can't wait to see your make over. That sweet little girl is adorable. Like all the leading up shots to knowing where it would end.
I tagged you on my blog, sorry, looks like you are too busy for that.

Elizabeth @ Southern Comfort said...

Looks like you set up a paint department in your house! Sure does help the wallet with lots of choices to choose from! Can't wait to see the makeover once it's complete.
P.S. your grand-daughter is absolutely adorable. I could squeeze her all day :)

::cottage instincts:: said...

*Crack me up*

Love your posts. Can't wait to see your redo. Your paint stash looks an awful lot like mine....out of control :)

Mimi Sue said...

She must be a plumber too! She's a cutie. My son in law is the new asst manager at the Sherwin Williams in Bountiful. We'll see if he brings home anything good. Mimi

Julie Harward said...

LOL...she is a doll! Good luck with the room! ;D