Dec 31, 2008


I made one of these for each of my kids with their own families on them for Christmas but this one I made to send to my husband.

The first ones didn't turn out very well but now I have the hang of it, they are really fun to make. I got the instructions here but as usual, I made a few modifications.

Instead of one photo, I used individual small photos of each Grandkids.

They open up to reveal all sorts of different configurations

I used the family pictures that we recently had taken for the larger spreads.

We are so blessed to have such a beautiful family.

Just look at them all.

My favorite picture!

Dec 30, 2008


What do you do when the grandkids are hungry for lunch and you have no bread?

You make teddy bear pancakes!

Dec 26, 2008


I got a router for Christmas! (The wood kind not the computer kind.) I know I'm weird but I've been wanting a router for years and I wanted it before Christmas so I could use it to make presents with. I really didn't go all out but it put a really nice edge on these calendar boards I made.

For each family I went to and entered their names and words that I thought represented them and some good descriptive words of attributes that they can work on.

I printed it out on brown packaging paper which I scrunched up and then ironed flat so it would go through my printer and it also gave it a nice antiqued look.

I then Mod-Podged the Wordle onto a piece of sheet metal and glued it to the board.

I've had these vinyl "Family" words for a long time so I stuck them beside the name plate.

I made magnets out of bottle caps with pictures of the kids.

Our Josh doesn't have his own family but he has wonderful memories of his "digs" in Peru. I cut up the vinyl letters I had and created the word "Peru" from them. I printed pictures of him and some of the skulls he unearthed and a few other photos to put on his metal plate. His magnets have skulls on them.

I printed out family calendars with all our birthdays and special occasions and hung them below the plates.

Then I printed out some "Coupons" good for things like sleep-overs or babysitting or treats and stuck them to their plates with the magnets.

I thought they turned out pretty good and they seemed to really like them


Last night during our Christmas party it dumped about 6 inches. Soooo beautiful. I am such a snow person. I thought I would share some pictures. My poor husband over in Iraq is a snow person too but unfortunately all he sees is sand. So these are for him.

Dec 18, 2008


I've been trying and trying to get my home in order so I could take wonderful pictures and share my Christmas house with you but when you live in Grand Central Station it is impossible.
So welcome to my home. Please come as you are because I certainly am as I am???? You might have to step over a toy or two and excuse the finger prints because I enjoy them for a while before I wipe them away.

This is my old suitcase filled with Christmas books and treasures and my happy dog Missy. (She does not like living in Grand Central Station.)

The kitchen window. (Did you know that if you open and close the shutters as fast as you can about fifty times, the wreaths fall off.)

My mantel and fireplace. I'm sorry I don't have a warm fire going but little curious fingers get burned. (And I'd have to go outside in the snow to get wood) Please note that the top of the manger scene is laying beside it. I guess someone was concerned that the starlight couldn't shine on the baby Jesus if it there was a roof in the way.

Here it is in the dark. The star on the top of the tree took a nose dive (hey I have 5 little boys that come to visit) and if you look close you can see it's only 17 degrees this morning.

My front window. I started out with the tree here but after one day with a 20 month old little guy running around I decided to move it to the corner.

My nesting Santas and a few of the stockings I made one year. I think I made about twenty different ones that year.

My front door. (Don't leave yet!)

My carolers. (My sweet Caleb bought me these when he was about twelve with his paper route money.)

My kitchen cabinet. Josh made the plate rack on top in wood shop and I made the cabinet part about 20 years ago. (Yes I am old!)

My island top. (Don't click on this one because you will see my messy table.)

A wide shot of the kitchen. (It looks better in the dark!)

And last but not least, my dining room.
Remember now,

I hope you have enjoyed your visit. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Dec 14, 2008


You find a tree you like even better at a thrift store for $6.00.

I swear, this tree looks real. I love it.

It isn't pre-lit like my other one was but I had these old bubble lights and ball lights and they look great.

My little camp trailer is very happy in her new tree.

Dec 11, 2008


But that's okay for a couple of reasons. Someone with children needed it more than I did and it gives me a chance to use my favorite tree.

It also gives me more room to put up more stuff.
(And you all know how much I love stuff!)


I've been collecting Nativities and manger scenes for years. Some have come and gone but I still have plenty. (Way toooo many!) I thought I would share a few.

Bekah has her eye on this one so it might not be around too much longer.

My Mother-in-Law loved
Avon and this is a set she gave me.

I found this in a clearance bin once for $2.00. The head of the shepherd is missing and so is a leg of one of the camels but the kids love to play with it

This is a sweet little lamp that I got at a garage sale once for $1.00

My Mother-in-Laws Humel set. It went through an earthquake and it has a few little cracks.

I found these in Washington DC . They are stocking hangers.

This is a musical one and the figures move. I love it but it drives me nuts!

Look close and you will see that one of my grand-dogs enjoyed this one.

This one is the one I let the kids play with and organize anyway they want. It has lots of different parts and leftovers from broken sets.

One year for some reason I wanted a set with darker skin. I looked everywhere and finally found this at the dollar store.

I made these ornaments by the dozens one year and gave them to friends and neighbors.

I got this one from my Mom years ago.

An after Christmas sale for $3.00

Another garage sale find. It's amazing what people sell in the summer months when they are not thinking about Christmas.

My favorite thrift store find for a dollar.

Another after Christmas sale for $5.00 at Desert Book. It's my favorite.