Sep 28, 2008


I absolutely love this idea. You take a salad plate, glue an upside down tea cup on the bottom. Add the glass bell from an old cheese plate, do a little baking and behold...... CAKE!

I used this recipe that I found on my friend Maryjane's blog. I used chocolate chips instead of the raisins

Then I found this cake plate at Savers for a dollar. I glued a candle holder to the bottom, threaded some ribbon through the holes and there you have it....


Franklin never worries very much if his Mom leaves him for a little bit, but this time was a little different. Liz ran to McDonald's to get us all some food and it is exactly three blocks so you know she wasn't gone long.

Mugga ( that's Franklin for Grams)
where is my Mom?

I'm going to wait for her right here!

Don't look at me in my misery.

Please go away!

I guess I'll go sell vegetables while I wait then.

The older kids decided to set up a vegetable and lemonade stand in front of the house on Saturday. I could kick myself for not taking any pictures, but they had signs and jumped up and down at the passing cars. Finally they decided that if they went door to door they might drum up better business. I think that in the end they made almost $8.00 If you look real close at the picture you can see their bag of money. I'm not too sure what the sign says but we have a few that are just learning to read and write so we take what we can get. I think everyone got the message though. (Hummm, I wonder if Alyssa can see Missy good enough.)