Sep 21, 2008


Yesterday was the big Day. Liz and Frank finally got to move into their new townhouse. Of course what is a good move without lots of food so I made Chile and bread and gathered up lots of my freezer jam and headed out to help.
Poor Liz is due in two weeks and was pretty much done for by the end of the day.

Live and learn. Having never used a moving truck before they were not aware how dirty they were and just placed the mattresses on the floor. Now their lovely beds are all dirty and will take much scrubbing to get all the nasty, oily dirt off of them.

I brought Brooklyn with me and Gabe came with Bryan and Alyssa and I tell you, those kids worked like crazy. They had a ball unloading the truck and taking things into the house.

Even Franklin helped with his little wagon. Poor kid, his clothes got lost in the move so he had to stay in his jammies for the day but I really don't think he cared.

The Men in our family might be little but I tell you they are STRONG!!!! They wore me out just watching them