Aug 8, 2010


See this?…
You can buy it at IKEA for $355.00
I’ve had this picture on my computer for years.
See this?….
It’s been sitting in my garage for several years now. I have a dear friend, Mearritta, who had it sitting in her garage and was tired of it taking up space so she gave it to me so it could take up my space.
She often asked me if I had done anything with it and I always told her I was thinking about it.
Well, I’ve finished thinking about it. I’ve always wanted to put it in my front bathroom but it would take up too much room. Since I have remodeled and put in my new vanity, I have more room but still not quite enough.
Sooooo, I did this…
That’s right, I cut some of the back off to make it narrower…
Then I put a new back on it, cut the middle of the doors out and put glass in, painted it and….
There I have it, my IKEA knock-off for pretty much free. I had the paint already and the glass cost me $10.00
I kept the original hardware and I’m still thinking whether or not I want to make drawers for the top spaces.
I’m loving it!   Thanks Mearritta.
PS.  Mearritta just called me and wants her cabinet back. I don't think I am as good a friend as she is.