Dec 26, 2008


I got a router for Christmas! (The wood kind not the computer kind.) I know I'm weird but I've been wanting a router for years and I wanted it before Christmas so I could use it to make presents with. I really didn't go all out but it put a really nice edge on these calendar boards I made.

For each family I went to and entered their names and words that I thought represented them and some good descriptive words of attributes that they can work on.

I printed it out on brown packaging paper which I scrunched up and then ironed flat so it would go through my printer and it also gave it a nice antiqued look.

I then Mod-Podged the Wordle onto a piece of sheet metal and glued it to the board.

I've had these vinyl "Family" words for a long time so I stuck them beside the name plate.

I made magnets out of bottle caps with pictures of the kids.

Our Josh doesn't have his own family but he has wonderful memories of his "digs" in Peru. I cut up the vinyl letters I had and created the word "Peru" from them. I printed pictures of him and some of the skulls he unearthed and a few other photos to put on his metal plate. His magnets have skulls on them.

I printed out family calendars with all our birthdays and special occasions and hung them below the plates.

Then I printed out some "Coupons" good for things like sleep-overs or babysitting or treats and stuck them to their plates with the magnets.

I thought they turned out pretty good and they seemed to really like them


Last night during our Christmas party it dumped about 6 inches. Soooo beautiful. I am such a snow person. I thought I would share some pictures. My poor husband over in Iraq is a snow person too but unfortunately all he sees is sand. So these are for him.