Dec 4, 2009


See this add…

Fullscreen capture 1232009 15832 PM

Here in Northern Utah we have not only Craigslist but KSL Classifieds as well. So lucky!  I have been wanting a couple of smallish red chairs for my living room.  I sold a couple of old chairs on KSL that I had that just didn’t go anymore soooo, with money burning a hole in my pocket I got to work looking.

I found this chair and really liked it but I wanted two so I went hunting.  You are not going to believe this but I found another one with an ottoman that was posted 21 days earlier. Just $10.00 each as well.

Can you believe it! Crazy and…. they were just 10 miles apart.  So I borrowed my daughters big Yukon and went and got them. Wahooo!

Here they are…


Now why “Church chairs” you may ask?  My kids say they remind them of the chairs in the foyers of our Chapels we have here in Utah and they remember having to sit on them with their arms folded if they were naughty in Church.

HA!  I don’t have time out chairs, I have CHURCH CHAIRS and I’m going to use them. Not for the grand kids, Oh no, but for their parents!