Nov 28, 2008


No not the Christmas tree, the dead quakie in the front yard.

Josh and Caleb got it
down and cleaned
up in just a few hours.

This brought back memories of Josh and his red wagon when he was little. He loved it so much and it got stolen so we had no peace until we went and bought him another one.

I was out shopping
when they started
so it was down and
in pieces by the time
I got home.

I was able to rescue
some though.
Hummm, What should
I do with these?

Nov 27, 2008


About 5 years ago, I started the tradition of having Thanksgiving Dinner on Wednesday night. I was tired of sharing my married kids with the in-laws or trying to coordinate times for dinner.

We had a great time plus we celebrated Alyssa's birthday. Fun times and lots of food. Today I am going to two other Thanksgiving dinners so I'm going to be one fatter, happier Grams!

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

Nov 24, 2008


I found this picture on line somewhere and fell in love with it. Of course my family would think I had totally lost it if I dragged in branches and hung them from the ceiling. Then again I think they think I'm pretty much gone anyway so maybe I should go for it.

So this is my totally toned back version.

It's really hard to
get a decent picture.

I really don't think it is "OVERDONE" enough!
What do you think?

Nov 22, 2008


Well I do and heaven help me if I were to fix them. (You know, all that mudding and sanding and stuff)

Nope, not me, I just cover them.

These are left over from the old
doorbell and swamp cooler control.

Actually, I don't want to loose
them because I might want
the electrical sometime.

So I just hung my mirror up over the lower one


Then I took an old cupboard door
and painted it black and screwed
a doorknob and plate to it and
hung it over the top hole.

There you go, no fuss, no muss!

Nov 20, 2008


Last year on the day after Christmas, we headed off to Burbank to visit my husband's Dad.While there he decided it was time for me to have the Johnson's Brothers "Friendly Village" china that my Mother in Law had promised me before she died. Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

When we got home I bought an old china cabinet. It was brown and ugly. See this post.

I can't really figure out
how to display it all.

(That's also her high chair
that she used as a child.)

There is tons of it.
I think at least 25 place settings.

I also got the little Hummel nativity set from her. Too cute!

I can't quit stopping and enjoying it whenever I walk
past the dining room.
Thank you Grandma Z.

Nov 19, 2008


We have 5 November birthdays in our Family!

the twins, we went to Chucky Cheeses on Saturday night and what a zoo. I didn't even bother to take their presents because I knew they would get lost in the mayhem.

Emma brought them up Monday morning so I could give them their presents. Cooper came in and announced that he wanted doughnuts. Now what is a Grams to do?

Well if you are this Grams you immediately oblige and send their Mom to Krispy Kremes for fresh ones and of course she has a coupon for, "Buy one dozen, get another dozen free!" (That's my girl.)

Now this is my kind of party!

Rip open the presents and eat fresh hot doughnuts!!!

Happy Birthday boys!

Nov 15, 2008


We had our pictures taken while Roy was home from Iraq. I think we did pretty good for us. We're not a very formal sit still family and I really didn't care how they turned out as long as we were all in it.

The kids didn't do too bad.

This is my favorite, only two crying, a couple in their own world and one big cheeser.

Nov 14, 2008


Kelli over at "There is no Place Like Home" is having a Show and Tell party and I thought it would be fun to participate.

This is my most favorite Thanksgiving decoration. I made this about 25 years ago when tole painting was all the rage.

I used to put larger suckers in it but with so many little ones running around now, the smaller ones work better.

I know it is kind of old and tacky, but I still love it because it brings back lots of memories.

Help yourself to a sucker.

Nov 12, 2008



When did you become such a beauty?

We love you so much!

We really do!


This year I thought it would be fun to do a "Thanksgiving Tree" I had such a cool tree that I made for Halloween and I didn't want to just throw it away. Soooo, I got to thinking. (That's very dangerous you know!)

And this is what we are going to do.

Everytime someone comes over to visit me, I've asked them to write their name and what they are thankful for on a leaf.

And Hang it on the tree.

Then just before we eat Thanksgiving dinner, I will read them all.

Here is my template if any of you want to make your own tree. I just printed the leaves on colored paper and cut loosely around them and punched a small hole in the stem. Then I use ornament hooks to hang them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 11, 2008


DUUUHH! So the kids can unhook it and use the supports as monkey bars!!!
Your kids do this too. RIGHT???

Up and up we go.

We hang around for a while.

We climb some more.

And hang some more.

We do a little swinging.

We climb up to the
top of the big slide.

We jump off the slide.

Yes it is very important to have that safety net!!!

Nov 10, 2008


I put my husband on a plane this morning to go back to Iraq. We've had a real busy and great time while he was home for 10 days. We will miss him.
We had 3 big parties plus everyone dropping in to visit all the time. We raked leaves, fixed some plumbing, built Lincoln Log cabins by the dozens and put together a million puzzles. We climbed trees, jumped on the trampoline and took a scooter engine apart. We listened to endless stories from Great Grandpa, blessed our little Beatrice and created lots of new memories.
We love you "Pappa Roy"

And just in case you were wondering if the kids had any fun, well, take a look for yourself.

So much for my new hide-a-bed!


Saturday, Roy and Jerry took a hike up to Blanche Lake. It's above Salt Lake City up one of the canyons. He took some beautiful pictures so I just thought I would share.