Jan 8, 2009


As I was cleaning up the Christmas decorations and putting it all away, people kept coming in and saying how bare everything looked. It always makes me so sad to take it all down.

I still haven't gotten the old stuff back out yet and I'm not too sure if I will. I'm kind of tired of it and I've had so many ideas floating around in my head lately. I'm always gathering "stuff" for projects I might make some day, and I've decided that this year I want to do something with the "stuff" or else get rid of it. Well, since I am not able to ever throw "stuff "away, I guess I will have to make things. So this is my first project of the year.

We had our family pictures taken back in November and I still hadn't done anything with them so......

Here's what I did

I made some frames for the pictures and this "family" sign. Bekah bought a sign like this at a boutique but her's says "home" and I just love it so of course I had to copy it.

So this is my version. I printed out the letters and decoupaged them to some wood and then cut them out and glued them to my frame.
( I had to include this pictures because I love the giraffe head guys on the TV)

Now what should I do with this?