Jul 17, 2009


Ever hear the expression “I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck”? Well I felt like I’d been run over by a motor home. The Dr. in the emergency room would not give me any pain pills. She said that my arthritis medicine would be enough. HAH!!! I wanted to run over her with my motor home to see how she would handle the pain.

In her defense though, I can understand her thinking. I was in greasy dirty clothes and looked a wreak. My neighbor, who was in the accident as well, looked even worse. (They love to work on cars and are covered in grease and oil constantly). My son Josh came in with me. Now Josh is the sweetest most caring person on the planet and I love him dearly, but this sweet child of mine has decided to get tatoos all over himself and he looks rather scary at times. So I am sitting in the emergency room with this odd bunch and I’m sure the Dr. thought I had done this on purpose just to get drugs.

Anyhow, I took 4 Tylenol and hobbled to the car and drove to the airport to pick up my husband who had just spent 4 days trying to get home from Iraq. Can you imagine my dread of the big bear hug I knew was coming? He knew nothing yet. OUCH!

At least this time he came home looking like this…………


Not this……


Last time he came home it was Halloween and he thought he was pretty funny and I though he was pretty creepy!

So all in all it was a wonderful reunion even though it hurt. A great day compared to what had happened the day before and what was about to happen the next day. Stay tuned for day 3…..