Jun 5, 2008

My new front Yard

I have been toying with the idea now for a few years of turning my front yard onto a wildflower garden. I've seen a few around that I just love and I've always enjoyed just parking my car in front of their yards and taking it all in.
Well, I did it!. It will take a few years for everything to grow in and be the way I want it but it's a start. Also may I mention that I will be saving quite a bit on water.
I added a little fish pond because I found it at a yard sale for $3.00 and I had the pump and fountain left over from a previous pond. I recycled some old tires to build it up and make the planter around it.
Thanks to my Grand-Nephews Logan and Jacob and of course my Caleb for helping me move the rocks. I didn't realize we had so many rocks in our yard. I got a load of mulch from our local dump and after killing the grass, spread it all around. I have some flowers and veggies and strawberries planted so far. The big tire in the corner is for potatoes and there are giant sunflowers planted behind it.
I love my little grass walkway lined with rocks. For some reason it reminds me of walkways that I have seen in some national parks. I love to sit on the "Grammy" swing and just relax and enjoy. Of course it's even better if I have a grandkid or two to rock with me.