Jul 19, 2009


Yeah! We’re here at the family reunion and ready to play, But first we need to move the motor home to a better place than where we just landed the night before. Soooo… I start it up and it squeals and smells funny so up goes the hood again and we check the oil. Down three quarts. What the heck???? Totally weird. And… Roy thinks the alternator is bad and that is allot of the problem .

So out it comes and we borrow our nephews car to go into the city to have it tested. I drive and we’re just going along having a nice time getting reacquainted and then he reminded me that this is where he got his ticket a year ago so I start to slow down but too late! Yup, I got a ticket.


53 in a 35. Of course the policeman waited till it went from 40 to 35 before he clocked me so he could add 5 more mph onto my ticket. I was probably 50 feet into the 35. AURRRGH $165.00. So I took my medicine like a real woman and off we went. A few miles down the road I just busted up. This was all becoming too funny. (Welcome home from Iraq honey and welcome to my normal!)

Well we had the alternator tested and of course it was bad so $85.00 later we headed back. I think I forgot to mention in my other post that at Scipio the oil cost me $6.99 a quart! Can you believe it? So I bought a 5 quart container in town for $7.99.

We made it back, put in the new alternator and it started up like a charm and things are really looking up. Wahoo, lets play with these guys….


Just a few minor things to come for the next few days…..