Apr 2, 2009


I have a new DISHWASHER. Who knew?

Reminds me of the old story my husband loves to tell.

There was once a man invited to a friend’s house for dinner. When he sat down to eat he noticed the plates were nailed to the table. He asked his host  how they cleaned the dishes. The response was, “They’re as clean as soap and water can get them.”

Being satisfied he piled his plate with food and ate it all. After everyone finished eating, the man now wanted to see how the dishes were done. To his dismay, his host opened the back door, whistled and called, “Here Soap, here Water!”

That’s my funny for the day.


WINDOWS LIVE WRITER   I just found out about it from Diane over at A Picture is worth a Thousand Words.  This makes blogging so much easier. 

Try it you will love it.

It’s as much fun at this……..