Oct 3, 2008


I've had an idea in the back of my mind lately that I wanted to make a pumpkin topiary.
I wanted one of these nice looking black pots but I wasn't about to pay a fortune so off I went to the local thrift store.

I found a pot for fifty cents but it was an ugly yellow so (hee hee hee) I painted it black of course. I went "shopping" out in my garage, which by the way looks like Halloween gone bad right now, and found some plastic pumpkins and some moss and leaves. Then out came the good old glue gun and 30 minutes later and a big mess (I have to make a mess because that is what I do best) I had my version of a pumpkin topiary.

For some fall ideas and tours, visit The Inspired Room because it's Fall Nesting Week!


This is me and my sweet Momma.
I had lots of dark hair and blue eyes.

Here is my oldest Daughter, Liz. Not quite so much dark hair but her brother had enough to spare and she has blue eyes

This is my second daughter, Bekah.
Lots of dark hair and the bluest eyes ever.

Then my youngest daughter, Emma.
Once again, lots of dark hair and blue eyes.

Here is Zoe, my first grand child,
with her sweet momma Sara
Lots of dark hair and blue eyes

And here is Miley J,
Bekah's youngest.
Lots of dark hair and blue eyes.

And here is our new
Beatrice Renee, Liz's Baby.
Yup, lots of dark hair and....
blue eyes!!!