Apr 9, 2011


It’s snowing and snowing and snowing and once again I have been told to do nothing but rest with my foot up so I am bored.
Want to play a game?
This is my coffee table that I am sitting in front of and wondering why there are so many different things on it…
I gave myself a good chuckle when I started to think about it. (Yes I am very bored!!)
Can you find all these things?
A cockroach, Barbie and accessories, instructions for Paintastics, notes I took from LDS conference, a Rubik’s cube, binoculars, a Church magazine, iPhone cord, thumb drive, wallet, book I wrote on my parent’s lives, Uu-Gi-Oh pinball game, stop sign, current crochet project, toy cannon my husband made while he is in Iraq, medical supplies for wound du jour, antibiotics for same wound du jour, receipt from Wal-Mart, iPad, iPhone, remote control, coupons for a cheap haircut, other coupons including ½ price entrée at Marie Callender’s (YUMMM), cub scout binder, bills , crochet magazine, hymn book, empty water bottle , bear bells bought in Glacier park many years ago, acute butterfly glass, an English 5 pence coin found in a taxi cab in Yemen, a watch, an egg cup, some Easter decorations, my Bible, cute note cards with the letter “J” on them given to me by my friend Sue, New Testament Study Guide, sewing pattern, Hymns I selected for this coming Sunday, scissors, ear jack extender, red pen, numerous fingerprints, lots of dust and bottom of the shoe scrapings from those of us who put our shoes up on it.
These pictures might help…
Oh and why, you may ask am I sitting here with nothing better to do?  It is because of this…
A nice little sliver that I got in my leg when I was just innocently walking by my garden border. It just jumped out of the wood and imbedded itself deep in my leg.  I tried to pull it out but I guess I didn’t get all of it because after two days the area around it got all red and hot. I went to the doctor and he had to cut it open and pull it out and it was full of puss and all sorts of yummy stuff.
So now I have to clean it twice a day and pack it and keep it up.
If you love to see gross and disgusting things you can go   HERE  to see it. I dare you not to do it!