Dec 18, 2008


I've been trying and trying to get my home in order so I could take wonderful pictures and share my Christmas house with you but when you live in Grand Central Station it is impossible.
So welcome to my home. Please come as you are because I certainly am as I am???? You might have to step over a toy or two and excuse the finger prints because I enjoy them for a while before I wipe them away.

This is my old suitcase filled with Christmas books and treasures and my happy dog Missy. (She does not like living in Grand Central Station.)

The kitchen window. (Did you know that if you open and close the shutters as fast as you can about fifty times, the wreaths fall off.)

My mantel and fireplace. I'm sorry I don't have a warm fire going but little curious fingers get burned. (And I'd have to go outside in the snow to get wood) Please note that the top of the manger scene is laying beside it. I guess someone was concerned that the starlight couldn't shine on the baby Jesus if it there was a roof in the way.

Here it is in the dark. The star on the top of the tree took a nose dive (hey I have 5 little boys that come to visit) and if you look close you can see it's only 17 degrees this morning.

My front window. I started out with the tree here but after one day with a 20 month old little guy running around I decided to move it to the corner.

My nesting Santas and a few of the stockings I made one year. I think I made about twenty different ones that year.

My front door. (Don't leave yet!)

My carolers. (My sweet Caleb bought me these when he was about twelve with his paper route money.)

My kitchen cabinet. Josh made the plate rack on top in wood shop and I made the cabinet part about 20 years ago. (Yes I am old!)

My island top. (Don't click on this one because you will see my messy table.)

A wide shot of the kitchen. (It looks better in the dark!)

And last but not least, my dining room.
Remember now,

I hope you have enjoyed your visit. MERRY CHRISTMAS.