Sep 2, 2009

THE JULY FROM #^&^%$@#

Just to recap everything….

1. My motor home ran over me and dragged me down the driveway under it.

2. Next day my hubby came home from Iraq and my Josh left for Peru.  (Good things)

3. Head off to a family reunion in Cedar city and lost 2 wheels while driving down the freeway.

4. Got a speeding ticket while going to get a new part for the motor home.

5. Had a great time but when loading the 4 wheeler onto the trailer at the end of it all, the ramp broke and I tipped backwards and fell off onto my butt. (Big huge bruise to match all my others)

6. Had two days to make a baptism quilt and slide show for granddaughter Aubrey. (it was a lovely day)

7. Sent my husband back to Iraq on the 14th. (It takes 3 days of travel for him to get home.)

8.  On the 21st, I headed up to Canada to say my final good byes to my Dad but he died while I was en-route so I turned around after going 250 miles and came home.

9. Made arrangements with the Red Cross for Roy to turn around and come back home for the funeral. (He had only been back to work for 4 days.)

10. Broke a tooth.

11. Honey got home Saturday (extremely tired) and we left for Canada the next morning.

12. Oldest daughter Liz called to say she couldn’t come anymore and since she was  going to bring Bekah with her it meant we had to turn around after 100 miles  and go back to get her.

13. Stopped in Glacier for the night and to pick up youngest son, Caleb who just happened to be vacationing there.

14. Viewing on Monday, July 27th. Fun to be with family we hadn’t seen forever.

15. Funeral on Tuesday.

16. Wednesday, head back home to Utah.

17. Sunday, sent hubby back to Iraq.