Oct 1, 2008


When I tore down the wall between the living room and kitchen I lost my pantry. Although I have managed to find places for everything, I just wanted a food cupboard so when the kids came over they would not have to look in different cupboards and drawers to find what they wanted. SOOOO..........

We've had this cupboard ever since we were married. I think we got it from Roy's Grandma's house. You should have seen me doing the happy dance when it measured exactly the same as the wall I wanted to put it on! Anyway we have dragged it everywhere and used it for all sorts of different purposes. At one point I found that Caleb and his friends had used it for dart practice and it was full of holes. So I took some of the old bead board from the wall I removed and put it in the middle panels where most of the holes were and then....... (wait for it...)

I picked this little piece up at the dump. (I know, I'm shameless.) Happy dance again!!! I was exactly the same measurement!
I think it used to have glass in the doors but I used more bead board. And then yup, you guessed it... PAINTED IT BLACK!

And here is the final result.