Feb 7, 2009


Don't you just love FRIENDS!!!!!

Both old and new... they can lighten your spirit and make your day. I have had the bestest last two days ever.

On Thursday I went on a "field trip" to an old salvage yard in Salt Lake with my dear friend Sue F and a new friend "MIMI SUE" check out her blog because she has more pics of our adventure and a ton of cute stuff.

This place was awesome! Of course we have to take pictures.

So much stuff and such a small car. Good thing I didn't bring a truck or who knows what we might have brought home.

I have a fetish for old doorknobs and things.

But the score of the day was this!

An old ironing board cupboard.

I've been wanting one of these forever and since I am trying to clean up my sewing room, I have just the place for it. (Yipeee, Happy Dance!)

Then of course there are presents! When we go through our daily lives and see something cute and either make or buy it, we don't just do one for ourselves but have to do one for friends as well.

Both Sues gave me presents.

Mimi Sue made me the
cutest pincushion ever.

She even posted the instructions here
I love it! Thank you Mimi.

Then Sue F made me some way cute clips for my picture board. She even used some of her most precious buttons. Now that is true friendship! Thank you Sue.

Then yesterday, my dear friend Vickie and I went out for a birthday celebration. Our Birthdays are both in January but because of busy schedules couldn't get together until yesterday. We went out for lunch and went shopping for some supplies "Vinyl" in Salt Lake City, and then went to a movie.

This is what she got me.

I love, love, love it!
Thank you Vickie.

And this is what I made her.

I swear it's been like Christmas all over again.