Oct 22, 2009


Yes I have been MIA for a long time but it’s time I got back into things.

I’ve made these little guys several times over the years and I thought I would share.

First you go on a nice adventure just driving down the road and slam on the brakes when you see these guys growing on the side of the road.


Just ignore the mean old man in the big fancy pickup truck behind you who honks his horn and waves at you in that funny way with one finger sticking up. He just doesn’t understand. You can wave back the same way if you want but for some reason that just makes him meaner.

Make sure you always have leather gloves and a Leatherman in your car because these babies have sharp little spines.


Get lots of them in all sizes and just ignore the teenagers who drive by in their jeep and honk and whistle at you because they think you are sexy.

Then take them home and forget about them and let them sit in your trunk for a few weeks.

Then open your trunk to put your decoration on….


And you find that your little darlings have “pooped” all over the place…


Next cut their stems off, grab a can of black spray paint and spray away.

When they are all nice and black, cut and bend some pipe cleaners and use your glue gun to glue them on. Grab some googley eyes and glue them on and ….TA DA


You have a nice little family of spiders.

You can glue a loop of fish line on their backs so you can hang them up.

Tips…. Use your blow dryer to get rid of all the little hot and glue strings , and spray paint the globs of glue so you can’t see them.