Oct 25, 2008


So this is how my day went yesterday. I got up and got ready to go get bricks because it was knock down day for Bekah's old house and I was supposed to be there by 10:00 AM. I drove around into the field to get the trailer fighting off the horses that guard the gate and it wasn't there! I called Caleb and it was at his house so I had to drive back out of the field, fighting off the horses again, and run over to his place to get it. Of course he left the Explorer with no gas so I had to stop and get some. I finally made it out to the
house and of course the guy was an hour late so I had hurried for nothing. So I took some fun pics of the kids.

Playing on the big digger thingy.

We exhumed Milly, the guinea pig, that they buried after it died last summer. Got this really cute one of Tyson playing in the trees.

The day before, Bekah and I went out to rescue windows to use as projects. I'm sooo excited because we got about 8 of them.

Then when the guy finally showed up to knock the house down he told us we had to tear out the carpet first and guess what we found under it? Yes hard wood floors!!! I was soooo bummed. If I would have known that, I would have torn them up and used them in my house but by then it was too late. Grrrrr!

Then the fun began. It was so interesting watching the guy maneuver that big machine. First he tore the bricks off the side and his helper used is little scooper thing and loaded up my trailer. Wahoooo!

After it was all down we threw some good carpet pieces onto the trailer and headed off the new house. Bekah wanted to use them in her basement for the kids to play on until they get it finished. I also needed to pick up a crib for my friend.
Half way there the carpet flew out of the trailer so I had to turn around and go back. I loaded it back in and this time covered it with bricks and headed off again.

We thought it was a good idea to drive around to the back of the house because the crib was in the basement and they have a walk out door. It's one of those big ones with built in drawers and changing table. Sooooo, I started to drive across what I thought was just a few inches of water but it ended up being about an 18 inch drop and with a trailer full of bricks, well you can guess what happened.

Yup, GOT STUCK!!!! So we spent the next hour playing in the mud and trying to get it out. No luck. Then being the brilliant girls that we are, Bekah suggested that we just pull it out with her big Yukon. DUH! I guess I'm just used to being stuck without any other option than to try and dig it out.

Well after we got it out, it wouldn't start so I spent another half an hour working on that.
Now I am in another time crunch because I have to drive Emma and Neil to the airport.
I finally got out of there ( without the crib) with just enough time to get home, unhitch the trailer, run through the shower and get the kids to the airport.

After I dropped them off at the airport I had just enough time to grab some dinner and get to Alyssa's dance party. Turned out they served dinner!

That's her on the left. Isn't she cute!?!?

After that, I came home and crashed on the couch. Then Caleb's friends, Casey and Ian showed up wanting me to help them make iron on transfers for their T shirts. After helping them for an hour and finally getting rid of them I turned out all the lights and walked down the hall to go to bed and stepped in something. Yup, the dog had thrown up on the carpet.
So that was my day. How was yours?